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Post by Jin misukage on Thu May 09, 2019 12:30 pm

On Nanw we use experience to rank up though three different ways, the first is by doing missions the second is by just posting and the third is by doing group missions. missions give so much exp while solo or group posting gives another, below i shall give a context of how much exp each type of mission or posts give.


D Rank missions: 300 exp
D Rank group missions: 400 exp

C Rank mission: 500 exp
C Rank Group missions: 600 exp

B Rank missions: 800 exp
B Rank group missions: 1000 exp

A Rank missions: 1000 exp
A Rank group mission: 1'200 exp

S Rank mission: 1'300 exp
S Rank group mission: 1'500

Solo Threads
Solo posts get 100 exp per post at a cap of 20 posts per week which ends up at 2000 exp per week if you manage that.

Group threads

Group posting gives you 300 exp per post with a cap of 10 posts per week which ends up up 3000 exp per week if you can manage that.
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