and so it begins. the story unfolds.

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and so it begins. the story unfolds.

Post by Jin misukage on Wed Nov 06, 2013 5:20 am

100 years have passed since the 4th great ninja war. in that time,naruto and all the gang was killed in one last effort to kill the ten tails. unlucky for them in was in vain. the beast split back into 1 tail. 2 tail. 3 tail. 4 tail. 5 tail. 6 tail.7 tail. 8 tail,and the 9 tails beast then scattered back into the world. the villages tried to up hold the peace that the 5 great lands had made,but 50 years after the war,ninja started fighting once more. since the beast are on the lose destroying things,and with no kages in any land,it was looking very bad. the lords of each land has ordered all ninja to capture the tailed beast and seal them up once more. so now its a race to see which lands capture which beast.
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