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clans to choose from Empty clans to choose from

Post by Jin misukage on Wed Nov 06, 2013 12:57 am

ok these are the clans one can choose to be, if you need info on the clans visit the naruto wiki as they have every thing you need to know about each clan.

Sarutobi Clan:

Aburame Clan.

Akimichi Clan.

Amagiri Clan  

· Fūma Clan ·

· Hirasaka Clan

 · Hyūga Clan

· Hōzuki Clan

· Inuzuka Clan

 · Jūgo's Clan

· Kaguya Clan

· Kamizuru Clan

· Kurama Clan

· Nara Clan.

 · Senju Clan:

· Shirogane Clan

Tsuchigumo Clan

· Uchiha Clan

· Uzumaki Clan

· Watari Ninja Clan

 · Yamanaka Clan.

· Yuki Clan

Shimura clan:

depending on what clan you choose,also depends on what kind of jutsu you may learn. just like in the show or manga,some only had one kind of jutsu like the nara clan,or akamichi clan. while others like the uchiha clan and yuki clan can learn up to multiple  chakra Natures.
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