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Role Play Rules  Empty Role Play Rules

Post by Jin misukage on Tue Nov 05, 2013 9:30 pm

The rules for RP are simple:


1. Respect the turn order when in group RP thread.
(The first person who entered the room is the first
to RP, followed by the second and then the third.)

2. Each player gets three actions per post
(may attack or defend just depends on the action taken and whether a hit was taken or not)

3. Use proper grammar
(No one really wants to RP with someone with poor grammar usage,but if you are not good,then just do your best)

4. Use your stats responsibly
(If you miss use your stats and use dodges and blocks too much, you will
run out of chakra and set yourself up for death..
Yes, Everyone can die unless specifications are set by Admin/Mods)


1. God mod
(You can not control everything that happens in a thread,
leave the divine right to the Almighty{If you believe in him})

2. Don't assume you can dodge everything
(If you are point blank or arms reach of an opponent, Don't say you dodged this or that regardless of speed. Be mature and take the hit, whats the worst that could happen from a standard attack)

3. Don't forget about your team
(One on One is great, but like the cannon, you will be mostly working in 4 man cells. Take your comrades in concideration when using abilities or planning an attack.. No one likes a Hero in a team..)

1st Offense: Warning by PM
2nd Offense: Loss of 5,000 Chakra
3rd Offense: Loss of 10,000 Chakra and 1 week Ban from posting (0 weekly SC)
4th Offense: Removed membership
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Role Play Rules  Empty Re: Role Play Rules

Post by Jin misukage on Tue Aug 02, 2016 1:23 am


you may only learn up to 3 jutsu a week, once your chunin you may learn 4 a week, jonin 5 a week, anbu 6 a week. the sharrigan is no exception. the walking up trees and walking on water techiques do not count towards the count.

when you first make it as genin you may choose your first elemant, then when your jonin you may chose the second elemant. the only way to have three jutsu or more is to have a kekikinkai blood trate which allows for a third or a tailed beast.

jutsu shall be ranked from academy,genin,chunin,jonin,anbu,and unless you have the said rank to learn the jutsu you are not allowed to learn it.

there are some jutsu that you may not learn unless you have a kekigenkai which allows you to learn it, this also counts towards some clans secret jutsu.
Jin misukage
Jin misukage

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