the new generation of ninja.

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the new generation of ninja.

Post by Jin misukage on Tue Sep 20, 2016 8:33 pm

the hidden mist village, this was once known as the bloody mist village cause of how the ninja had to graduate from the academy. students who sheared there dreams there ambitions with one another eat meals together, but in the end they had to kill each other to pass there final exam. but things over time slowly got better for the village and the other villages around. now no one else had to kill to pass. the skys was not looking very as dark cloads began to form right above the hidden mist village, then soon the rain started falling from the skys and down onto the people below that was walking around. kaido did not mind the weather unlike so many, with a hat which drooped down some on his head he just watched as the water dripped down the hat then slowly falling to the ground as it finaly crashes to the ground and bursting apart. today was kaido's first day of academy school where he would learn the basics of how to become a ninja. once he arrived to the school kaido walked over the bridge that was on the watery lake,

for the ninja academy at the hidden mist was located at the center of a large lake. as he opened the door and walked in he noticed that there was two people standing up front and the whole class was already there which ment that he was the last one which also ment he was late for class. this was not gonna look good on his first day of class so instead of making a big deal out of it he slowly and calmly walked over to his seat as if nothing was happening and this whole time the class kept there eyes on kaido even once he had sat down. the mizukage sudenly began speaking which broke the sudden and odd staring.

" hello today class, i am the honarable mizukage also known as kenchi masura. i know your alll wondering what i am doing here so i shall allow your teacher to explain."

" thank you mizukage, now class today i am gonna teach you all the leaf focusing technque which will allow you to controle your chackra better. now here is you all a leaf and what i want you to do is focuse on that single leaf then try to focus your chackra into the palm of your hand. after that i shall teach you all a neat jutsu as a class bonus but at least over half the class must pass in order to receive the bonus so good luck. "

there sensai began going around to all the students and started handing them leaf's, once the whole class got one they began to focuse on there task at hand. kaido was probably not the only one thinking it but he wished the class did well for he wanted to learn the cool jutsu. after a little while of setting there kaido relised that he was starting to get the hang of gathering his chackra, and with every minute of doing it he started to get the hang of it even more and more. it was not long before the class ended so they would now have to show what they had learned, one by one the teacher would call out a persons name and then they would walk forwards. after 12 people it was now kaido's turn so walking up to the teacher he focused his chackra into his hands, and as he did the blue chackra formed a cloak around his hands.

" good job kaido top mark, and with that at over half the class as passed so as i promised i shall show you all a neat jutsu then your job is to try and learn it by two weeks. after you shall come back and then i will test you on it."

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