kaido shizune Uchiha?

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kaido shizune Uchiha?

Post by Jin misukage on Mon Sep 05, 2016 1:26 pm

Name: kaido shizune ( hopefully uchiha)

age: 14

birthday. December 10th

blood type. o positive

starting out chakra: water

take clan test: Yes/No. yes, uchiha clan

personality: he is always calm and collected, but has a bad habit of over thinking things. he is almost always cheerful unless you happen to piss him off. he dose not like to show off and he dose not go around picking fights unless you mess with his friends or family. but just cause he dose not pick fights dose not mean he dose not like fighting. the reason he dose not pick fights is cause when he fights he starts acting crazy and blood thirsty.

history: kaido was originally born in the village hidden in the clouds but when his farther was unable to stop the assassination of the reikage his family was kicked out. so packing up what they had kaido and his parents attempted to try and settle down in the village hidden in the mist. luckily the misukage took pity on saizo kaido's farther and allowed him to become a ninja of the hidden mist tracker unit of the black opps. as for his mother rin she became a jonin and lead one of the genin groups. as for kaido he was lucky enough to actually be trained by one of the seven swordsmen of the mist, after he went to the academy so he was starting a year late. unfortunately the only training he got was how to use a sword.

appearance: kaido is 5:9 and weighs in at 138 pounds. he has short spiky black hair and has black eyes. he wears a black vest that looks simuler to the hidden leafs anbu, then over that he is wearing a blue blazer with the sleeves ripped off. he has a black headband and wears his ninja headband around his neck. he wears black pants with white tape around his angles then the ninja sandles.

village. hidden in the mist.

hobby. kaido likes to fish for he uses for mental training. he loves to eat ramen, and has a new flavor every day. his dream is to one day become the misukage so he always trains.

weapons. has a katana strapped on his back, some kuni and throwing stars.
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Re: kaido shizune Uchiha?

Post by Colorless Queen on Wed Sep 07, 2016 7:11 am

Application accepted however you failed the Clan test as you need under 20 and scored 23 So close!
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