Character: Yuki Mono "Senju"

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Character: Yuki Mono "Senju" Empty Character: Yuki Mono "Senju"

Post by Colorless Queen on Mon Sep 05, 2016 2:58 am

Name: Yuki "Mono" (Senju if able to make it in XD)

Age: 17

Character: Yuki Mono "Senju" D6FeqEy
Birthday: 17/9

Blood type: AB+

Starting out chakra: Lightning

Take clan test: Yes. Senju

Personality: Yuki is a cheerful and friendly person who likes playing pranks of friends here and there. Yuki in battle only is determained and is confident and isn't easily fazed. However, out of battle she is often unsure of herself when it comes to decision making and often freaks out when she isn't able to make up her mind of something. Yuki is also slighly shy when she meets new people but after a while she can easily warm up to them once they find a common interest. Yuki also has moments of blackout where she completely changes and becomes more of a tomboy however this happens very rarely and normally only when she is alone. (not good at discribing personally if there is anything i need to fix be sure to tell me)

History: Yuki was born in the the land of fire her parents moved to the land of earth when she was 5 years of age. Yuki ever since moving every year has been watching all the exams which ninjas need to take to move up in rank and title. These exams has left a forever print on her soul which makes her want to become a ninja when she gets older. Yuki at age 10 lost her father when he went on a mission and died from a rouge ninja which left Yuki alone with her mother and vows to herself that she would find the rouge ninja when she is stronger. Yuki now 17 is in the academy and in a class for older people as most people join are normally young teens in their 12-13 years of age.

Village: Village hidden by rocks.

Hobby: Playing pranks of friends, shopping, hunting.

Weapons: Katana, a long bow which she only uses to hunt game.

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