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Post by Jin misukage on Tue Nov 05, 2013 9:17 pm

1) Respect the staff.

2) Be welcoming…Welcome everyone that joins and shows up. No cold shoulders, snubbing, or close nit social grouping others don’t fit into.

3) Respect everyone who frequents the site!

4) No Drama Lamas! We will not tolerate excessive drama or arguments.

5) Keep in mind that everyone has IRL (in real lives) lives too.

6) No spamming/hacking/begging allowed here

7) Respect everyone else’s limits and thoughts. No two people are alike.

Cool Keep the site age appropriate for the most part. If you have desire to have something a bit more mature, simply label the thread that it is mature content involved and children cannot go there! No intercourse allowed though!

9) we have the right to alter all rules and regulations at any given time.
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