the fith great ninja war begains

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the fith great ninja war begains Empty the fith great ninja war begains

Post by Jin misukage on Wed Aug 03, 2016 7:32 pm

the sky was pitch black with not a single star showing from all the cloads keeping the skys hidden.there was a large red full moon out also which was always a bad omen. there was some blurs going from tree to tree, those blurs turns out to be ninja from a naboring country. these ninjas were from the village hidden in the sand and from hidden stone village. they had formed a alliance and where headed towards the village hidden in the leaves and was really close to there target. the ninja's jumped down onto the village and began there attack, so in one swift moment the quiet and sleeping town of konoa was now being attacked and the sounds of people started screaming and yelling. there was also the sound of battleing going on in all derictions and since it happened so fast many was confused and dazed on what was happening.
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