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Post by Jin misukage on Sat Jan 18, 2014 7:20 pm

First and foremost I would like to issue a warning that I hope everyone will heed.

This Topic is only for suggestions to the Moderator Team. There should not be any discussions in this thread for any reason between members. Any suggestions made by the members will be discussed and a decision shall be reached whether the suggestion is of any merit and worthy of being implemented or not. Once a decision is made a Mod will reply to the suggestion relaying the decision of whether the Suggestion holds merit and thus might be implemented or it does not hold any merit and is disregarded. When a mod replies they will relay a
reason behind the decision. If you wish to discuss the matter in deeper detail then a Message should be sent to all Mods.

That Being said, you know what the purpose of this topic is so go wild.
Jin misukage
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