Kekkei Genkai/jutsu list.

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Kekkei Genkai/jutsu list.

Post by Jin misukage on Wed Nov 06, 2013 5:00 pm

Ice Style: Clan- Yuki
Ice Style is the advanced nature kekkei genkai of the Yuki clan, and allows the users to combine wind and water-based chakra to create ice which they can manipulate through willpower alone. The ice Haku created was resistant to fire-based attacks, only melting slightly when coming into contact with Sasuke's flames. Using his special ability, Haku developed the Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals, which allowed him to create any number of floating mirrors made of ice to use as a shield or trap an opponent.

Mokuton: Clan- Senju
This is a single stage Kekkie Genkai that allows the user to take two seperate chakra natures and form a single Chakra nature not part of the main 5.
The only known combination is Wood, which is Water plus Earth. Due to lack of combinations, user may apply for a new combination if they have 2 of the 5
during Game play. The first combination created will be a perminent combination for all additional users who want same combination.
Bonus: Able to learn two Chakra natures at Chunin
Req: 2 Chakra natures to put ability in effect

Rinnegan: Clan- Uzumaki
Very rare to see one born with this blood line trait. This is one of the Eye type kekkei genkai that is said to have descended for the original sage eye.
Stage 1: Ability to learn Enemy jutsu at 12% of original WC
Req: Starter
Stage 2: Ability to learn/master all five nature transformations (1,500 words each)
Req: 2,000 words to fully master them all,once you learn all 5.
Stage 3: The Outer Path (外道, Gedō) is the seventh path, an ability granted to the wielder of the Rinnegan. With the Outer Path, the user is able to control life and death by reviving the dead, bind and restrict foes, as well as create and control the Six Paths of Pain.
Req: 2,700 wc to master
Rinnegan Jutsu
a. Shinra Tensei- Ninjutsu- Manipulates gravity to push opponents abilities away once used has a 2 post cooldown before it can be used again.
b. Bansho Ten'in- Ninjutsu- Manipuates Gravity to pull things towards user. once used has a 2 post cooldown before it can be used again.
c. Chibaku Tensei- Ninjutsu- Creates an orb that absorbs everything into it, trapping it. nothing can escape. once activated it can not be used again for 2 real life weeks. so that means only once per battle.
More stuff on the Rinnegan be listed down at with the Senju clan at the bottom of this thread.
Rinnegan users also have the ability to use the 6 paths of pain. How you choose to use these is up to you. You can use multiple bodies as Nagato and Obito did, or you can use your own body as the sage of Six Paths and Madara do.

sharingan: Clan- Uchiha
One of the abilities that is a decended ability of the Rinnegan.
> Stage 1: Ability to copy jutsu ability:
Req: starter ability
> Stage 2: Ability to permanently learn copied jutsu at 15% the original WC
Req: 1,600 SC to master
> Stage 3: Turns into Mangekyo Sharingan along with access to Either Sasuke/Itachi, Kakashi, Shisui or a custom type of Mangekyo. (Note if you chose to not have Amaterasu then you may not learn Blaze Element or use anything Amaterasu related.also to get mangekyo sharingan,you must take the eyes of another uchiha. ( real player only)
Sasuke/Itachi type:
a. Tsukuyomi- Genjutsu- Sends opponent into a demension controled by the user. Time is altered where 1 day can pass in a matter of 1 realtime minute. (User cannot attack while ability is active) once used has a 4 post cool down before it can be used again.
b. Amaterasu- Ninjutsu- Casts an eternal flame on opponent. its strength is your jutsu strength
c. Susanoo- Summon- A mystical Chakra warrior thats strength and defense are ungodly. Atk/def= jutsu strength. can be used for 5 post then has a 5 post cool down

Kakashi/Obito Type:
a. Kamui-Ninjutsu- allows one to transfer anything to another dimension. (2 times per battle. 5 post cooldown.)
b. Intangibility-Ninjutsu- When activated, any part of the user's body that overlaps with a solid object is seamlessly warped to the other dimension, making it appear as though he is phasing through them. can be used 2 times in battle. (5 post cooldown.)

Shisui Type:
a. Kotoamatsukami- Genjutsu- The technique itself allows the user to enter the opponent's mind and manipulate them by giving them false experiences, making it seem as if they were doing things of their own free will. (Cannot be used to change an opponents entire history. You may only alter one memory and it must be a recent one as well, within a 3 week irl time period. Can only be used once per irl month.) and can not be used to make some one unlearn a jutsu.
(To evolve your sharingan into Rinnegan you must inject your character with senju clan blood then gain control of that bloodline and then rp for 2,500 wc to evolve into Rinnegan)

Byakugan: Clan- Hyuga
Second of the abilities decended from the Rinnegan
>Stage 1: Able to see extended distances.
Req: 30 meters(starter) each additional 10 meters= 500 wc to master. Max of 800 meters
>Stage 2:Able to see all chakra in in opponents body as well as all 361 chakra points.
Gentle fist- Taijutsu- an ability targeting chakra points in opponent. Str +2% Cha= Jutsu Str.
Req: 1,500 SC to master
>Stage 3:Able to see 360 view around user. Gives access to new abilities
Allows user to learn Hyuga Abilities.
Req: 2,000 wc to master

If you battle and defeat anyone with a kekkei genkai.. you can do the following..
1. post 500 wc extracting eyes or cells (depending on the kekkei genkai)
2. post 500 wc preparing the eyes/cells
3. post 500 inserting eyes/cells into yourself
4. post 800 wc to gain the use of kekkei genkai

once you gain the use, you can than start posting 1,700 for your mastery.


Here are the clans and their mastery levels required for certain skills in each.

Nara Clan
>Stage 1: Able to use Shadow Possesion Jutsu
Req: 500 wc to master the technique. (typically done while in the academy.)
>Stage 2: Gain the ability to blend shadows within shadows.
Req: 700 wc to master
>Stage 3: Gives access to new abilities.
Allows user to learn Nara Abilities.
Req: 1,000 wc to master

Yamanaka Clan:
>Stage 1: Able to use Ninja Art: Mind Transfer Jutsu
Req: 500 wc to master the technique. (typically done while in the academy.)
>Stage 2: Gain the Ability to curve your Ninja Art: Mind Transfer Jutsu to hit enemies behind walls.
Req: 700 wc to master
>Stage 3: Gives access to new abilities.
Allows user to learn Yamanaka Abilities.
Req: 1,000 wc to master

Akimichi Clan:
>Stage 1: Able to use Expansion Jutsu
Req: 500 wc to master the technique. (typically done while in the academy.)
>Stage 2: Get the Ability to use your Expansion Jutsu on your entire body. (Making your body as tall as a skyscrapper)
Req: 700 wc to master
>Stage 3: Gives access to new abilities.
Allows user to learn Akimichi Abilities.
Req: 1,000 wc to master

Aburame Clan:
>Stage 1: Able to use Parasitic Destruction Insect Technique
Req: 500 wc to master the technique. (typically done when born.)
>Stage 2: Gain the ability to control your insects for combat purposes.
Req: 700 wC to master
>Stage 3: Gives access to new abilities.
Allows user to learn Aburame Abilities.
Req: 1,000 wC to master

Inuzuka Clan:
>Stage 1: Able to use Ninja Art Beast Mimicry: All-Fours Jutsu
Req: 500 wc to master the technique. (typically done when in the Academy.)
>Stage 2: Gain the use of the technique Tunnelling Fang.
Req: 700 wc to master
>Stage 3: Gives access to new abilities.
Allows user to learn Inuzuka Abilities.
Req: 1,000 wC to master

Kaguya Clan:
>Stage 1: Able to use Willow Dance
Req: 500 wc to master the technique. (typically done when in the Academy.)
>Stage 2: Gain the use of Camellia Dance.
Req: 700 wC to master
>Stage 3: Gives access to new abilities.
Allows user to learn Kaguya Abilities.
Req: 1,000 wcto master

Hozuki Clan
-Level 1
single part water transformation. allows for a arm or leg to chance into water
600 wc to master
-Level 2
half part water transformation: allows for half the body to chance into water
1,000 wc to master
-Level 3 (Abilities can be learned at this level)
full body water transformation: the whole bady can now chance into water:
1,5000 wc to master

Jugo's Clan (no official name has been given)
-Level 1
Transformation controller
700 to master
-Level 2
Transformation novice
1,000 wc to master
-Level 3 (Abilities can be learned at this level)
Transformation Master
1,500 wc to master
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Re: Kekkei Genkai/jutsu list.

Post by Jin misukage on Sun Aug 07, 2016 1:17 am

E-rank jutsu=academy techiques.

Body Replacement Technique-350 words
With this technique, users replace their own body with some other object, generally with a block of wood, the moment an attack lands. This creates an optical illusion, making the enemy think the attack was successful. From this, the user can use the lapse in the enemy's attention to attack or flee from the battlefield. Explosive tags can be attached to the replacement for an added surprise.

Cloak of Invisibility Technique 270 words
This technique allows a ninja to take a cloak or a piece of cloth to blend into an object, making them invisible

Clone Technique  400 words
A ninjutsu that creates an intangible copy of one's own body, without any substance. Since the clone itself doesn't have the ability to attack, and thus can only be used to confuse the enemy, it is mainly used in combination with other ninjutsu. It's a basic technique, but depending on one's ingenuity, it can be used effectively. The clones may not dissipate when they come into contact with something.These clones can be easily distinguished by persons with dōjutsu. A person with normal eyes can also distinguish the clones from the original, since the clones do not have shadows and will not disrupt the area around themselves with their movement (i.e. won't kick up dust, crush grass, etc.).

One Thousand Years of Death  230 words
A very simple technique with an overly dramatic name, One Thousand Years of Death is little more than inserting one's index and middle fingers (similar to the Tiger hand seal) into the opponent's bottom, causing constipation, pain and/or embarrassment

Rope Escape Technique  150 words
A basic technique taught at the Academy. It allows a ninja to free themselves if they have been tied up. Sasuke demonstrated this when Naruto tied him up and gagged him. How this is done is unknown

Sexy Technique  300 words
A variant of the Transformation Technique, the Sexy Technique transforms the user into a naked woman usually surrounded by clouds of mist at private areas, or in a bikini, typically with seductive posture

Transformation Technique  700 words
Given all the missions ninja are assigned to - battle, intelligence gathering, diversions - this is a priceless ninjutsu. It is typically used to change into people other than oneself, but one also has the ability to change into animals, plants, and even inanimate objects like weapons. This gives this technique an abundance of uses. The transformation of a skilled shinobi will be exactly like the genuine article, so it will be impossible to tell the two apart. On the other hand, a transformation performed by an inexperienced person will have obvious discrepancies. It will be impossible to deceive anyone with it. This is one of the most basic ninjutsu, as such most shinobi know how to perform it.The transformation technique is considered to be among the more difficult E-ranked techniques, since it requires constant emission of chakra while mentally maintaining the form. On top of that, the user would be, most likely, interacting with the environment. This puts mental strain on an inexperienced ninja. Thus, the best way to determine if it is indeed a transformation is to cause this strain upon the user; though this is not always successful

leave foucing technique. 100 words
by focusing on a leaf in the center of your palm it allows one to focus more deeply so that they have a easier time gathering chakra to there hands.

walking up trees technique 200 words
unlike with the leaf this time you will be gathering chakra to the souls of your feet and keeping it there as you attempt to climb a tree with no hands.

walking on water technique.300 words
unlike when climbing the tree this time you are gonna be emmiting a stream of chakra from your feet and keep focus as you walk and stand on the water.
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Re: Kekkei Genkai/jutsu list.

Post by Jin misukage on Sun Aug 07, 2016 3:09 am


Body Flicker Technique  +320 words
By using the Body Flicker Technique, a ninja can move short to long distances at an almost untraceable speed. To an observer, it appears as if the user has teleported. It is accomplished by using chakra to temporarily vitalise the body and move at extreme speeds. The amount of chakra required depends on the overall distance and elevation between the user and the intended destination.A puff of smoke is occasionally used to disguise the user's movements. Other elements or substances can be used instead to distract the opponent

Decapitating Airwaves  
can control the ratio of air pressure and sound via chakra. By propelling this combination, he can release supersonic blasts of air. These blasts are powerful enough to destroy stone, and can also be used to soften the ground. By increasing air pressure to 100% and reducing sound waves to 0%, the blasts can be used to deflect thrown kunai

Earth Release: Double Suicide Decapitation Technique  +
This technique conceals the user underground and drags the object of their attack down into the earth, robbing them of their freedom, leaving them completely unable to move after they're underground. In addition, they can start another attack. This technique is normally used for torture, by cutting into the enemy's neck after it was used

Haze Clone Technique  +
At first glance it seems like a regular Clone Technique, but the haze clone uses a cunning trap to lure out the enemy. Using this technique together with the Earth Release: Underground Projection Fish Technique, the enemy is led to believe that the real body is among the clones. As the haze clones are not physically real, the attack will just pass through them. While attention is drawn to the clones, the real body attacks from the blind spot. During the illusion and resulting chaos, the enemy, who is caught up in the technique, can be easily defeated

Hiding in mist jutsu +
The Hiding in Mist Technique is a speciality of the ninja from Kirigakure, where one causes a mist to spring forth by either lifting up water from a pre-existing source, or expelling water from their mouth.[2] They can then go in and out of sight at will from within the pearly-white realm. The mist's thickness is controlled by the amount of chakra kneaded into it. It cannot fool the Byakugan, but, due to the mist being created with the user's chakra, any Sharingan and Rinnegan-user will see the mist coloured by their opponent's chakra — which will effectively hide the user from the dōjutsu

Paper Shuriken  +
A technique that consists of pouring one's chakra into a scrap of paper in a split second, hardening and sharpening it, so it can be used as a shuriken. Its sharpness is equal to that of a shuriken made of metal. The user can further increase the power of the shuriken by making it into certain shapes.

Sexy Reverse Harem Technique  +
Sexy: Boy on Boy Technique  +
Sexy: Girl on Girl Technique  +
Temporary Paralysis Technique  +
A technique that physically restrains an opponent, as if the opponent had been tied in invisible steel ropes. It debilitates the victim for a short period of time, which allows the user to either strike again, or take the target into custody. This is a D-rank ninjutsu where the intensity will vary greatly according to the user's level of skill. The technique can also be cast on every target at once, depending on the user's skill, and won't fail a shinobi during their missions.

Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique  +
This is a genjutsu that reveals the fears that dwell inside people's hearts. Everyone has an image of the one thing they wouldn't want to ever see. This genjutsu is a technique that draws forth such an image from within the heart and has one mistake it for reality. First, an imaginary circle of leaves will spin around and envelop the target, falling away shortly after. After a short period, the illusion will begin. This is to make the illusion more convincing, since the user will likely have moved before the illusion sets in. If the mental image is a gruesome one, the shock will be accordingly great.

Mist Servant Technique  +
This genjutsu creates eerie black ninja illusions, which appear one by one from trees and rocks, and then corners the enemy. Their movements are somehow slow, but when attacked they multiply, and in this way they appear like ghosts inhabiting the mist. Kunai knives are added to this technique, by throwing them to match illusions movement, making them seem real. As the clones continue to multiply rapidly, the victim will eventually be worn down

Dynamic Entry
The technique is basically the user performing a jump kick into their opponent's face. Might Guy is known to throw a weapon, such as a kunai, at the enemy to distract them while he takes advantage of their blind spot in order to land the blow.

Leaf Gale  +
This technique is a good example of how even simple taijutsu can become a pre-eminently destructive, lethal technique. The attack is a simple rear spinning low kick, but a strong user can send the victim spinning away. The goal is to throw the enemy off balance, and deal damage to the lower half of their body, slowing them down and giving the user time for any other taijutsu finishers

Leaf Whirlwind  
A taijutsu where one launches a succession of high kicks and low kicks. Firstly, the opponent's evasion margin is restrained upon seeing the high kick, thus augmenting the chances for the low kick to hit the mark. So originally the high kick is little more than a feint. The technique can also be used in the form of a spinning-roundhouse kick through the air, either alone or in unison with another user for more efficiency

secret clan jutsu
Beast Human Clone  400 words
The Beast Human Clone is a Transformation Technique used by the Inuzuka clan.It allows the clan's shinobi to transform their canine companion into a perfect copy of themselves. When combined with the Four Legs Technique, the user and the animal become virtually impossible to tell apart, since both act equally feral. Like any transformation, the technique can be broken by identifying and attacking the animal, thus dispelling the transformation

Four Legs Technique  +
Passing Fang  +

Manipulated Shuriken Technique  +
With this technique a translucent string, both elastic and highly durable, is attached to a shuriken, making it possible to alter its path after having thrown it. An expert will have the ability to freely glide the shuriken in any direction with just a single movement of their fingertip. The first attack, challenging the enemy, is avoided and after a time-lag of several seconds, it will come from behind. Depending on the performance, the possible tactics can be infinite

Shadow Shuriken Technique
It's a simple technique where two shuriken, like the Fūma Shuriken, are piled one onto another and thrown simultaneously. However, depending on the way it's used, it can prove its absolute efficiency. The trick is to somehow draw the enemy's attention towards the upper shuriken. Then, they have to deal with the path of the lower, unnoticed shuriken. However, if the enemy notices both shuriken, which is done when they duck down, the technique ends up losing most of its efficiency
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Re: Kekkei Genkai/jutsu list.

Post by Jin misukage on Sun Aug 07, 2016 5:34 pm

Binding Snake Glare Spell +
Cherry Blossom Impact +
Crow Clone Technique +
Earth Release: Earth Shore Return +
Earth Release: Hiding Like a Mole Technique +
Earth Release: Subterranean Voyage +
Earth Release: Tearing Earth Turning Palm +
Earth Release: Underground Projection Fish Technique +
Extreme Decapitating Airwaves
Finger Carving Seal +
Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique +
Fire Release: Flame Bullet +
Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique +
Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique +
Hidden Shadow Snake Hands +
Hiding in a Toad Technique
Ink Clone Technique +
Ink Mist Technique +
Lightning Oppression Horizontal Chop +
Lightning Release: Lightning Beast Tracking Fang
Puppet Technique +
Scattering Thousand Crows Technique +
Sickle Weasel Technique +
Toad Oil Bullet +
Turning into a Frog Technique +
Water Clone Technique +
Water Prison Technique +
Water Release: Gunshot +
Water Release: Starch Syrup Capturing Field +
Water Release: Waterfall Basin Technique +
Water Release: Wild Bubble Wave +
Water Release: Wild Water Wave +
Wind Release: Gale Palm +
Wind Release: Great Breakthrough +

Sly Mind Affect Technique +

Heavenly Foot of Pain +
Leaf Great Whirlwind +
Leaf Rising Wind
Lion Combo +
Shadow of the Dancing Leaf +

Manipulating Attack Blades +
Manipulating Windmill Triple Blades +
Senbon Shower +

secret clan jutsu
Fang Passing Fang +
Human Bullet Tank +
Mind Body Switch Technique +
Spiked Human Bullet Tank +

barrier jutsu
Five-Seal Barrier +

summoning jutsus.
Summoning Technique +
Thousand Hands Manipulation Force
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Re: Kekkei Genkai/jutsu list.

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